Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

<-This is my favorite pic of Freya, so typical of her.
After letting the dogs out and sitting with them, Freya decided she wanted to come inside, sitting at the door and begging to come in. My son was up using our 'free download' time on the satellite (2am-7am we don't get hit with bandwidth restrictions... satellite internet is lame in the extreme) and let her in. She promptly trotted her way to my room and laid down behind me while I was perusing the internet.
When I didn't pay enough attention to her, she started a low soft howl.... woooo. Wooooooo. A little more persistent until I couldn't stand the cuteness factor and went over to pet her. She sighed happily and started gnawing on the nylabone after a good long bellyrub. She is the cutest thing, and knows just how to tweak the 'aww isn't she sweet' reaction. She will be spoiled, of that there is no doubt.
When I got home, the dogs were muddy muddy muddy, and it was still raining. So, I changed in to my 'mud clothes' and went out to pet them and spend some time with them. Samantha and Yukon promptly gave me pawprints to remember, even before I sat down. Heh, going to have to get them not to jump on people. The boys kept shoving each other out of the way to get their pettings until Samantha got up and shoved them both out of the way, trying to stand on me like the queen of the hill. Gently, but firmly placing her paws back on the ground, I told her 'down', then pet her. She is a persistent cuss, but after the fifth time being told 'down', she finally relented and stopped stepping on me as a perch.
Jim had fixed me up a burrito, so I went inside to wash up and eat. The dogs were all sad-faced, but with all the mud on them, I was not about to let them trapse around the house. When I finished dinner, I went outside and played a bit with Freya, Demon and Yukon, and even Samantha played 'paws' with me. (This is where I grab her paw, and she slides it out and puts it on top of my hand. Kind of like doggy patty-cake, but the object is not to have your paw on the bottom.) It was the first time she seemed happy to play a game! I'm hoping that she is finally adjusting to her new home.
After a couple hours with the dogs, I went back inside, but Samantha and Freya insisted on coming in. Freya I convinced to wait outside, while I picked up Samantha and brought her to the bathroom for a bath. Unhappy puppy! But she sat through it without complaint, merely trying her best to circumnavigate my grip on her. When she was toweled as dry as a towel could get her, it was Freya's turn. Samantha was happy to be inside, and she looked so pretty with her white fur all white and not brownish mud colored. Freya was scared when we put her in the tub, and even though we reassured her and pet her, it was slightly traumatic for her. Toweling her dry, though, she began to feel better about the whole thing, and finally ate some treats.
Samantha was funny, she kept trying her hardest to crawl up on the couch, I mean really insistent! I finally hit on the idea she hated wet fur on her belly and wanted to be someplace warm and dry, so I got a dry towel, sat with her and wrapped her in it, rubbing her belly with the towel. This made Samantha happy, and she curled up next to me on the floor wrapped in the towel. What an odd dog. lol. Freya too seemed to not like wet belly fur, so I wrapped her in a towel and she sighed happily and fell asleep. How much like little kids they are sometimes.

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