Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21

<-Samantha and Demon sadly watch me leave for work.
up at 6:30... groan... Dogs need to go out though, so I let them out and wake my son up to socialize with them and make sure they are fed, then back to sleep. Awake again at 9:30...sigh. Sometimes being a morning person is a bad thing. Though I desperately need a couple more hours of sleep, I know it is futile to try.
The dogs are overjoyed to see me, and smother me with husky kisses. It is already eighty-seven degrees and the humidity is close to seventy five, so I coax them all indoors (Demon is still a bit unsure of being inside, but the rest trot in gratefully) and shut the door behind them. This time Demon doesn't seem to mind that I shut the door and happily lays down with his chin on my knee as I pet him. The others jostle each other around, vying for their turn at petting, even G'kar and Valkrys dive in to the press of furry bodies. I get the feeling they missed me yesterday, and I feel well loved. Unfortunately though, I have to leave to head back in to work. One of our servers is down, and though it is still running on the active, our redundancy is lost which is a potentially bad situation. So after an hour of socializing and eating my breakfast, I packed off and left for work.
Long day in the frigid data center! I swear I had hypothermia! Got home at 10pm and socialized with the pups before crashing.

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