Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th

Up early hearing Yukon bark and Demon howl outside at 4:30am. I get dressed and go see what's up. The boys are back on the porch as soon as I open the door, but I can still hear some hound dogs up the hill baying at something. Evidently it was not nearly as important as giving me a face washing, so I shrug and sit down on the carpet with the fuzzy kids. Freya lays on my right this morning, and Yukon on my left. Demon tries to stick his nose between me and both of them, alternating sides, and Samantha lays down front and center, pawing at me to get my attention. G'kar runs to do his business, then circles around trying to get in his petting.

Valkrys just avoids the morass of living fur, and stays down in the yard for a time. When the boys are satisfied with their morning luvin's I ask them if it is 'Bone time'. Ears perk up, eyes shine and the dance ensues. I walk over to the storage bin, and pull out the biscuits one by one. First is Samantha, she won't get out of the way until she gets hers, and growls at all comers. But once she has her bone, she drops to the rear and ravenously devours it. Next is Yukon, who takes off with his to the outer porch, then G'kar who takes his back in to the house, then Demon, who flops down immediately and begins munching, and then Freya, who mouthes hers a bit, then drops it and flops down next to it until she spies G'kar's bone just inside the door and unattended. Sneakily as possible for a forty pound puppy, she reaches inside the door and snatches G'Kar's biscuit. I give her biscuit to G'kar, who walks inside the door and drops it again. Freya the sneak-thief snags it when G'kar goes to see if Yukon is done. Meanwhile, Samantha has lapped up all her crumbs and is scavenging. She sees Freya's now unattended bone while Freya is busy gnawing on G'kar's. Triumphantly Samantha snatches up the biscuit and obsconds with it.

While they are all munching, I give Valkrys her peanut treats, since she won't eat a biscuit. Too many of the other dogs see me give her the peanut treats, so I have to give each of them one, and a couple extra to Valkrys.

With the dogs taken care of, I try to get in a bit more sleep to no avail. Once I'm up, I'm up for the day... It is only a rare occasion that I can get any more sleep. At least I tried. So, I get up, get on the computer for a bit, get ready then go off to work.

I took Jim's car in today as he is taking Samantha to the vet, then getting an oil change for my truck. Samantha will get a full exam, heartworm test and shots up to date, Freya will get hers in the next day or two. Next paycheck it will be Demon and Yukon. Valkrys and G'kar were up to date before we left North Carolina. This is the last month to pay on the fence, and three more months on the truck left. We should be in good shape by the end of the summer and better shape in the fall.

Word from the vet is good. Samantha is still in excellent shape and thankfully is not pregnant from before we picked her up (she was in heat when we got her). Her filling in is probably too many snacks (tap the ground looking at Jim who is more of a sucker for a pretty face and puppy eyes than me). Being ornery, the vet seems to think it may be the warm temperatures and the fact she hasn't blown her winter coat yet. That's a definite relief, and might be a pointer to getting her more involved in training indoors to take her mind off dominating the other dogs. Agility training might do her a world of good, but the re-training of her mushing commands comes first. Thankfully there are some wonderful articles out there that have provided some very useful training ideas.
Samantha is a bit clingy when I get home, but who can blame her? A full regimen of shots would make me want some comfort too. The boys are happy to see me and greet me at the gate, then eagerly wait while I change out of my work clothes and go sit with them. It is pretty hot, near 87 degrees, so after sitting with them, I try to coax them indoors. Yukon and Freya come in, but Demon won't, so after a few minutes I close the door and sit with Yukon, Freya and Samantha. G'kar and Valkrys come by for the occasional petting. The humidity is high and my elbow aches. There will be rain.

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