Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5

Need to dry out the carpet by the back door. It is still too damp to sit on, so I greeted the boys while I sat in the chair. Jim woke up and we talked a bit before I headed off to work. One of the things we discussed was building a mud-free run-way for the dogs. Since they love to run back and forth across the same track, they have worn away all the growing things, and created a mud-slick. This is dangerous for those with two wheel drive, and a source of unwanted mud. So, it will be off to the hardware store to get some landscaping ties, gravel and sand to create a walk/runway. To this I will add stairs going down the hill so Jim can get down to the barn and back with his partially disabled leg. Making the track centerpieces will be large flat stones I can gather from the river/stream behind our house.

It will be my major project for the next week or so until it is finished.

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