Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25

<- Samantha enjoys a good bellyrub
Haven't had an incident with Samantha in almost a month. Though she still growls at G'kar and occasionally Freya, there haven't been any tussels at all. They all seem to be adjusting well to their new life with us, and they all enjoy the air conditioning. The boys have been very good indoors and not even an attempt to sniff corners in the last couple days.
I did have to keep Yukon from chewing up Valkrys' bed. It is an extra-large dog pillow, and Yukon had begun to pull the trim off it. Instead I let him chew on the Kong ball, which he really enjoyed playing with. Today I have half a day off, so I intend to get in a bit of commands training with him or Samantha.

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