Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10

<- Samantha lays down by my socks.

It's cloudy when I get up, and when I go sit with the dogs I can hear thunder in the distance. Freya insists on laying on my lap, and Samantha cuddles up to my right and Demon on my left. Yukon puts his head between me and Freya for his hug and pettin's. I'm very happy with Samantha's clean bill of health. There is much relief, and I'm guessing her stuffed up nose is either just a reaction to all the pollen in the air or a doggy cold. Freya will get her turn at the vet's Saturday for her 6 month boosters. Next paycheck will be Yukon and Demon. In another month, we will probably get Demon neutered. He will make a great pet as well as a pulling dog, but due to his shaggy fur, heavy bone structure, semi-floppy ears and extreme skittishness, he is not a good breeding prospect. Once he's recovered, though, I may want to weight pull train him. With his heavily muscled and thick bone structure, he would probably do very well.

<-Demon's floppy ears actually makes for great expressiveness and an inherantly 'cute and cuddly' look.

Demon is also shedding very heavily and petting his back, you can tell his summer coat is much much thinner than his winter coat was. All that soft, fuzzy, downy fur covers the rug and the porch, almost like snow. Demon is a silly dog, and jumps and bites at the motes of flying fur. He bites and tries to eat the clumps if I comb them off him or any of the other dogs. Silly, silly goofball! He is such a happy go-lucky dog when he isn't being scared of something. In fact, I'm almost convinced his 'shyness' is only an act, or a game he plays. He is so different from his stoic brother Yukon the philosopher. Yukon has his bit of fun once in a while, but for the most part sits and thinks. Most of the time I wish he could speak to tell me what he's thinking about. He's a very smart dog and learns things incredibly quickly. I think he will be one awesome lead dog.

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