Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29

Nice and cool this morning! Why is it always perfect carting weather when I have to work?
Temp was 58 degrees and 30% humidity... sigh.
Dogs were all happy and playful this morning, so I went outside with them and played 'chase me' for a bit with them.
Samantha has gotten very playful and even played with Freya over the weekend.

Over the weekend, I watched Bolt on the wall screen with the dogs. I'm not sure what Demon and Yukon were thinking, but every time the dog barked or made dog noises, they would get up and run in to Jim's room (behind the TV on the wall) trying to find Bolt. It was sooo funny I couldn't help but laugh my guts out every time they jumped up to run in to Jim's room.
Played with the dogs a bit after work then helped Jim take a small fridge down to the barn to store. While pulling the door shut, a piece of metal caught my heel and ripped it open down to the pad.. owie! The dogs all clustered around me, making sure I was going to be ok, and with G'Kar in the lead, Jim and James helped me back up the hill as I left a trail of red behind me. The dogs spread around me as if to guard me from any other attack, and we all made our way back to the porch. It was painful, but heartening to see how much my dogs care about my well being. They all kept coming to me, and wanting to reassure me, even old Valkrys stuck close to my side as I cleaned up the wound and bandaged it. Did I mention soap in the wound? Ow! And the Bactine to ensure no absess... That stuff hurts worse than soap. I was more than ready to turn in when I was done.

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